Are you looking to create an outdoor or garden area for your business?

Even if you’re just looking for a way to put the outdoor area of your business into good use- you’ll find this article helpful. 

Because you’re about to discover how your business can benefit from installing parasols as part of your outdoor improvement project.

See, asides from paving stones, garden edging, and fountains, you should consider installing parasols.

These lightweight umbrellas have transitioned from just a means of protection against the elements to a more functional piece.

And you can transform your business space in ways you’ve never imagined by installing them, especially if you own an outdoor business like a coffee shop or a restaurant.

If you’re still sitting on the fence about installing parasols, let’s get into some of the ways installing parasols benefits your business. 


How Businesses Can Benefit From Installing Parasols


Appealing Outdoor Space Attracts New Customers


Installing parasols helps increase the visual appeal of the outdoor area of your business space.

This is because there’s a wide range of styles, designs, and colours to choose from. 

You can combine different colours, styles or designs to create an effect, and you can even decide to create a harmonious effect by choosing something similar for all the elements under consideration.

Whichever effect you opt for, beautiful scenery is created. Since humans are visual beings, it fascinates and attracts them, leading to new customers stopping by to do business with you. 

The best part is, that they can even tell other people about your business. 

Because customer experience extends beyond just securing repeat business to turning customers into loyal fans who will spread the word about your business to friends, families, and anyone that cares to listen.

And the better part is, people will most likely patronise a business when referred by someone they trust than when they hear about your business from adverts.

These customers will even likely turn to your business advocates, and you’ll watch your customer base grow rapidly without spending so much on ads.


It Helps You Maximise Usable Outdoor Space



Parasol in your outdoor area is an excellent way to maximise outdoor space.

They are lightweight umbrellas that can be easily set up in any location.

Floor areas around your business that could have been wasted away will be transformed into zones where customers can relax and get entertained. 

This causes foot traffic to your business areas to increase, which causes your sales to rise.

Moreover, adding parasols with some furniture can transform empty outdoor spaces into extra revenue-generating sources.

 For instance, if you run a restaurant or indoor cafe-adding parasols creates extra seats where customers can dine or enjoy their coffee. And if you have a pool area, you can even use them creatively to create VIP lounges and charge more for comfort and convenience.


Create A Good Brand Impression



People are drawn to businesses or brands that show humanitarianism.

Installing parasols creates a good brand image and impression. Because your business comes off as one that cares about its customer’s comfort, satisfaction, and convenience.

And since people are drawn to businesses that show empathy, you establish a deep connection with your customers and enjoy continuous patronage.

The best part is that your customers’ loyalty is no longer based on the quality of our product or service but on the experience you offer.


Free Advertising


Parasols help you promote your business for free, unlike commercial ads where you have to pay a fee to put up an ad.

You can brand the umbrellas with business adverts about your business or special promotions. This attracts potential customers walking by. 

And it works well in high-traffic areas-because prospects, out of curiosity, are likely to stop by to check out what your business has to offer.


You Gain Competitive Edge


Although parasols are popular, most of your competitors are not tapping into the benefits it has to offer your business.

And you can exploit it to stand out because research has shown that customer experience is the primary reason people patronise a business and win over some of your competitor’s customers.

Brand loyalty kicks in with the beautiful experience they get, and you retain them before other businesses realise your secret and copy you. 


Versatility and Durability


Another benefit of parasols is- they’re versatile and durable. They are make-shift structures- so it’s easy and quick to set up and dismantle.

In fact, you can install it at the start of a business day and disassemble it at the end of the day. And you can always convert your space to other uses you might like to at any time.

Moreover, they’re built to last since they’re built with high-quality materials. And the umbrellas also come in various sizes, colours, and styles.




Now that you’ve discovered some of the benefits installing parasols offers your business, it’s best to buy high-quality parasols to get the most out of your investment.

Emboss Hospitality provides high-quality commercial parasols. You can get additional features like lighting, heating, and sound systems