Welcome to Emboss Hospitality.

Operating all over the UK, we create and supply branding opportunities and digital solutions for the hospitality sector. From restaurants, bars and cafes through to alcohol brand owners, larger event organisations and wholesalers.

We know the on-trade industry inside and out. Which is why we offer bespoke branding solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings. Getting your brand seen, whatever the weather.

This piece will give you an introduction as to who Emboss Hospitality are, what we do and how we do it. We will also be exploring the changes the hospitality industry has undergone and how we can help you and your brand to navigate them to continue to reach your customers.

What is hospitality advertising and branding? 

Let’s start here.

Our hospitality marketing strategy is all about utilising the social spaces and areas that consumers can now be found in (i.e. pub gardens, outdoor dining settings and stadiums) in order to build out brand awareness. This means we can put your brand onto mobile bars, parasols, wall coverings or door signs.

Not stopping there, we also provide our customers with tailored signage offerings – including wall coverings, business name signs, door signs and banners to name a few.

We couldn’t call ourselves a one-stop branding solution without including digital advertising in our repertoire, providing clients with LED screens, restaurants with digital menu boards and wall mounted hand sanitizers.

How to approach changes to the hospitality industry  

The hospitality industry has undergone a lot of change in the past couple of years. With changing covid hospitality guidelines, (we can’t tell you how many times we’ve asked Google “when will hospitality open again?”) and the government urging local councils to extend pavement licences*, the public has had to adjust to a new dining experience – centred around outdoor socialising.

Following significant al fresco dining investment, the government urging local councils to make it as easy as possible for hospitality to operate outdoors, and the public becoming accustomed to outdoor dining settings, we launched Emboss to cater to the significant rise in demand for advertising in outdoor drinking, dining and socialising spaces. We recognised that we could help brands to utilise this newly appreciated outdoor space through bespoke branding solutions.

More outdoor socialising means more products, more customers and more opportunity to slot your brand into natural conversations. Allowing your brand to carve a part of your audiences’ experience.

Let’s emboss your brand onto the industry.

Like what you hear? You can contact us on info@embossoutdoors.co.uk for any further enquiries.

We’re always keen to have a natter about the industry, so feel free to get in touch for a chat, too.