Parasols are quickly becoming a mainstay in British outdoor dining culture. Already popular across Europe, parasols are an easy, cost effective way to utilise your outdoor space, no matter the weather. We offer a diverse selection of parasols, ranging in size and cost.

All of our parasols come with a variety of colour and branding options, and can also be customised with additional lighting, heating, and sound systems to help create a fully immersive environment. Our material and print quality also equip all of our parasols with UV 6-8 sun protection. Get in touch with us below to discuss which options are best suited for your space. You might also be interested in our Parasol & Awning Brochure.


Parasol from Emboss Hospitality

The Easy-Up Parasols UK comes with a telescopic opening system that lifts its canopy when closing, so it works well in relatively enclosed spaces. True to it’s name, the Easy-Up Parasol is also comfortably operated by one person.

With built-in ventilation valves and the option of a second roof, the Strong Parasols UK line parasols will stay cool even throughout the warmest summer days. With a surprisingly large coverage area, even the smaller 2 metre options can comfortably fit 4-8 guests.

Sizing options: 2 & 3 metre options available. 2 metre option pictured.


Giants among parasols. The Strong Parasol UK line parasols guarantee to catch the eye, and obviously guarantee a huge coverage area. It’s the ideal solution for hotels and big restaurants.

The reinforced twelve-arm structure of the frame guarantees safety and stability, while the practical telescopic opening system is easily used by 1 person. The canopy of each Strong Parasol is finished with a second roof that ensures optimal air circulation.

With optional extras including heating, lighting and music systems, just a single Strong parasol could completely transform your entire outdoor space.

Sizing options: 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 metre options available. 4 metre option pictured.


Parasol from Emboss Hospitality

Atlantic parasol was designed to meet the expectation of the most demanding customers, not satisfied with ordinary, classic advertising parasols. Taking into account the exceptional design of Atlantic parasol, the use of this product is especially effective for demanding customers who wish to associate their brand with premium shelf products and services on the highest level. 

Atlantic parasol comes in three possible canopy shapes – octagonal, square and rectangular. Sizes vary from 3 to 5 meters and the square-shaped canopy line offers the greatest variety of them.  

We offer printing of any elements of brand’s visual identification, such as logo, advertising slogan and colours belonging to the brand’s identity. Atlantic parasol offers the finest possibility of boosting visibility in the relevant contexts, attracting the attention of the Customers. Thanks to the unique design of the parasol and it is obvious highest quality of manufacturing, those qualities are associated and transferred onto the brand itself, which contributes to its further building and boosting the sales. 

The Giant

The Giant Parasol is the largest parasol from our collection of advertising parasols. It comes in two possible types, depending on the canopy shape. Square shape, in two sizes – 6 and 7 meters and round shape – coming in 8 meters size with 12 panels. The construction relies on a solid, aluminum frame to be constructed of 12 arms. 

Vivid colours enduring despite various and tough weather conditions – is fundamental to those means of marketing, displaying the brand elements and contributing to identification of them with high quality in general. Our Giant Parasol is a distinctive marketing tool, suitable for use in a variety of relevant contexts. Thanks to the size of the canopy, the parasol stands out and draws attention on its own which is an excellent feature from the point of view of the marketing campaign. Boosting the brand visibility positively influences sales, making the products and/or services offered by a brand more recognizable and therefore more preferred.