Bioclimatic Pergolas


Ensure that you are able to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light with a Bioclimatic Pergola system available from Emboss. Take advantage of natural airflow and enjoy those peaceful and relaxing moments in your outdoor space. Control the flow of fresh air with the touch of a button and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your brand-new living space. There are a number of different options available so the Bioclimatic Pergola System is designed to do everything to suit you. Whatever your lifestyle or requirements – we have the Bioclimatic Pergola System to suit you.


You can create a living space that you can enjoy all year round. You are able to create a warm living area on your terrace whilst watching the rain or snow for example or a cool area in the summer months with no need for any specific equipment. Integrated lighting and sound systems are available which offer a living space beyond your wildest dreams. Find out more about the wonderful range of Bioclimatic Pergola Systems.


A more permanent option, pergolas are the perfect way to create a comfortable indoor-outdoor space. With retractable roofing and optional extras including heating, lighting and music systems, your pergola could quickly become a main feature of your selling space – creating an environment that you, but more importantly, your customers can resonate with.


Villa Pergola

Villa pergola is a semi-permanent premium aluminium pergola with double-layer innovative louvres, posts with round corner design, and an led lighting system to provide a perfect shade for your outdoor area. It is made of high-quality aluminium, which guarantees durability and solidity of the structure. Adjustable top blades allow you to choose between sun and shade.


The B Cube Galaxy Bioclimatic Pergola provides top-level reliability – providing top performance in the Pergola market. For both residential and commercial applications – the B Cube Galaxy allows you to sit safely in your garden or in a commercial living space.


This is the most ideal pergola system designed for large area coverings. You can put on specific outdoor events and concerts if you are on your commercial premises or host a fantastic dinner party or evening at home with your friends and family. The light system that surrounds the four carriers also offers different ambient lighting and you can use this to make your day that much more special.

Starting from £10,500


Another Bioclimatic Pergola from the B Cube range, the B Cube Space stands out with its specific system structure. If you have a large area available in your garden or outdoor space then the B Cube Space model is perfectly suited for you. You are able to fully transform your living area into a spectacle of lighting with the ambient RGB lighting that is available. The front carrier pillars also provide extra safety when used outdoors.


The model features rotating panel structures which can be adjusted from zero degrees to 120 degrees. This provides ease of use and demonstrates the exceptional versatility of this pergola system.

Starting from £9,500


If you want to host your friends in your garden with the utmost comfort and stylish ambience then you will definitely want to consider the B Cube Classic Pergola System. This system combines aesthetics with power which adds added value to your outdoor space. This system is produced to withstand harsh weather conditions and create a fully functional living space all year round. It’s the perfect choice for your home or commercial premises.

Starting from £9,500


If you like freedom or a completely open aesthetic then the B Cube Freedom Pergola System is a great choice for you. Freedom is a stand-out self-sufficient product in the B cube family. It can stand on its own 4 legs without building or construction support which makes this system highly recognisable in the range. This offers one button opening and closing and rotation while opening. This is a highly safe and durable system which offers you the freedom of exceptional ergonomics, convenience and style.

Starting from £10,500


Capture the rush and style of the city in your private living space with the B Cube Urban Pergola System. This system is fixed on a flat surface and supported by a hanger. This system can also be used to add harmony to a restaurant in front of a street – it’s perfect for front-facing businesses. This model also has 3 sides separated into water carrier gutter profiles. The perfect choice for those looking to add some urban and contemporary style.

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The B Cube Infinity Pergola System is able to gather several rooms in your private living space under a single roof from the outside and the elements. Using mounted rail profiles as well as panel profiles between the wood or iron carrier structure – your specific area can be opened and closed as you wish. Perfect for multi-function living spaces.

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