Premium Pergolas

With a large number of customisation options available as well as additional ranges at varying price points,  we are confident that we will have the perfect residential Pergola system for your property.


A more permanent option, pergolas are the perfect way to create a comfortable indoor-outdoor space that will present a real wow factor to your property, achieving both optimal functionality and aesthetics.


It’s time to reinvent your property with a premium residential pergola from Emboss Hospitality. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about our amazing range.


Functional Features With Every Pergola From Emboss

Functionality is at the heart of every Emboss residential pergola, we aim to help create an immersive experience every time you and your guests enter your pergola. With retractable roofing and optional extras including heating, lighting and music systems, your pergola could quickly become the focal point of your outdoor garden space, an Emboss pergola will soon become a central hub for your home.


Pergola Rise
Our Pergola Rise is the newest product to the emboss range, designed especially to provide shade and shelter to your outdoor space all year round, with its motorised retractable PVC roof you are able to enjoy the sunshine or get protection from the rain, enabling you to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.


The future of outdoor spaces is encapsulated by the Subulate Tectona. This is from our Rising pergola tent systems and with this system in particular – you are able to open and close an area of 135 square meters. Subulate Tectona can expand 10 meters without the need for a support profile and it can work in harmony with the optional glass system and similar closing options. This creates an incredibly safe and secure structure in your outside living space.

Starting from £8,500


Onda is a freestanding or wall mounted pergola with a manually-operated sliding tarp cover.

the Onda’s design is all about simplicity in each and every detail, the result is a contemporary pergola that suits walls with perimetric openings, establishing a strong and stable relation between indoor and outdoor spaces and offering a pleasant space for comfort and relaxation.

The warm colours and the matt finish, woven painted with high resistance epoch power, improves Onda’s weather resistance and also created a cosy environment. The structure can be complemented with a number of accessories, such as the sliding edging profiles with PVS or glass membranes, decorative drapes, telescopic windshields made of glass and many more.

Optional extras include: LED Lighting System, Ground Anchors, Glass Panel Walling, Heating Systems and Printed Branding.

Colour options: 

Starting from £3,500


The Subulate Minima pergola system is one of the most durable systems available should you require a more minimalist but secure design. This system has many functional details and can be produced as flat opening, half or full oval according to your requirements. It can also be closed with insulating glass systems or motorised curtain systems. Whether you want to organise a personalised yet private party in the comfort of your garden or if you want to create a wonderful space for hotel guests on your hotel premises – this system has you covered.

Starting from £7,500


If you want to host your guests safely in your hotel terrace with great views or add an elegant aesthetic to your outdoor living space at home by being able to sit by the pool and relax – the Felcate Tectona is the perfect choice for all of these functions.

Starting from £9,000


The Falcate Minima pergola system is designed to add functionality to your living space as well as to work in harmony with dual lighting systems. This system offers a wide range of functional details and reliable solutions that can be used all year round. This allows you to bring elegance to your outdoor living space and makes for the perfect hosting area.

Starting from £8,000


The Unifoliate Tectona allows you to have access to the option of a full-oval pergola with a timeless design aesthetic. This embraces quality and elegance and allows you to turn your outdoor space into a fully functional living space. This is a natural and elegant addition and is the perfect addition to your home.

Starting from £9,500


The Unifoliate Minima pergola system is designed to offer additional functionality to your current living space. Utilising two lights in the lighting system – this creates an amazing space for you to enjoy at all times, whatever your favourite activity.

Starting from £7,500


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