Outdoor dining is a great way to enjoy the fresh air whilst eating in a relaxed setting, absorbing some vitamin D, and staying social with friends and family.

With a HQ based in Cardiff, we have decided to share some of the best restaurants for outdoor dining in Cardiff, so that you can make the most of the outdoors.

Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Afrikana Kitchen
  2. Pasture
  3. The Coconut Tree
  4. The Botanist

Vegan favourites? Although these next two haven’t got outdoor dining options, it’s undoubtfully true that they stand high within the best restaurants in Cardiff category, for Vegan options:

  1. Got No Beef & SERO

Let’s delve into why we have chosen these restaurants for the best restaurants for outdoor dining in Cardiff and why you should check them out!

1. Afrikana

First opening into the hospitality industry in 2018, Afrikana is a perfect restaurant for outdoor dining in Cardiff, with a gorgeous outdoor seating area, you can enjoy authentic home-cooked African inspired dishes.

Afrikana have a range of dishes, which are all 100% halal, including ‘Lil Afrikanas’ for children to enjoy and a large variety of Vegetarian and Vegan options. Their vision of bringing authentic dishes to the main high street started in a small village called Aldridge, where they have since grown massively – now with over 8 different franchises soaring across the UK hospitality industry, including Cardiff.

Not only will you be able to enjoy authentic home-cooked African inspired dishes, but you can also immerse yourselves into the culture with live acts such as drummers and singers.

If this sounds like a place you would enjoy – you can find Afrikana, located in Cardiff, on City Road.

2. Pasture

A newcomer to the Cardiff Hospitality scene, Pasture celebrates fire-based cooking and incredible local ingredients. Pasture is one of the best restaurants for outdoor dining in Cardiff for a variety of reasons:

Firstly, with in-house butchers who handpick and prepare the meat, sourced from local farmers across Wales and the Southwest, their food is prepared to such a high standard that it has struck the Cardiff Hospitality sector.

They only source native suckling breeds of beef and dry age it for a minimum of 35 days, not only this, but they only source from farmers who raise their cows on pasture. The steak is then cooked over coal and cherry wood for extra flavour, bringing Cardiff beautiful and modern dishes to enjoy.

3. The Coconut Tree

The Coconut Tree is a ‘street style’ restaurant and are one of our favourites for the best restaurants with outdoor seating in Cardiff.  They aim to deliver the best Sri Lanka food and gorgeous cocktails which they call ‘cocotails’. They also have a wide range of Vegan and Vegetarian options and gorgeous outdoor huts so that you can fully enjoy the Sri Lanka experience.

4. The Botanist

A botanical world awaits at The Botanist, with a secret garden hosting live music every night. The Botanist has an outdoor rooftop garden where you can enjoy the outdoors and spectacular food. Unlike most outdoor seating areas, The Botanist has a unique selling point with their rooftop garden experience where you can enjoy the view, overlooking Cardiff.

5. Got No Beef & SERO

With only a small outdoor seating area, Got No Beef and SERO still cannot go amiss on this list. For all you Vegan Foodies out there, Got No Beef brings a range of delicious dishes that are 100% plant based.

They are a Vegan Street food restaurant, aiming to operate a carbon neutral and environmentally friendly practises. They also contribute to social and environmental endeavours in Cardiff, meaning not only do they stand for good values, but they also contribute to help around the local area.

Another amazing Vegan Restaurant in Cardiff, is SERO, based in Whitchurch, has a massive vegan menu with burgers, CHKN strips and wings, dirty fries, AND milkshakes.

If you want food with amazing flavour that you wouldn’t even know they’re vegan – Got No Beef and SERO are your guys, with an aim to prevent limitations of delicious Vegan Street/fast food.


Cardiff Hospitality has a lot to offer with outdoor seating and amazing restaurants. With new upcoming restaurants bringing Cardiff to life such as Afrikana, the Hospitality Industry is booming. There is also an uprise of the Vegan restaurants in Cardiff, bringing more plant-based options to the area.

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