Importance of branding in hospitality industry is becoming more apparent as more and more businesses are advertising their brand through indoor and outdoor.

Here we explore 3 key areas of branding in hospitality:

  1. What is indoor and outdoor branding
  2. The importance of indoor branding
  3. The importance of outdoor branding

1. What is indoor and outdoor branding

Branding in hospitality industry can be customised for your specific brand (or a suppliers) through the use of logos and customised product selection targeted towards your specific target audience, all of which will add brand value.

With outdoor socialising becoming the new norm within the hospitality industry, there is no better way to utilise your space than with outdoor branding solutions that slot yours or your supplier’s brand into natural conversations amongst customers.

Hospitality branding is important for both:

  1. Indoor Branding (Beer Mats, Glassware, Tables, POS, Digital & Signage)
  2. Outdoor Branding (Pergolas, Marquees, ParasolsFurniture, Signage, Mobile Bars)

2. The importance of indoor branding

The importance of branding in hospitality industry is also relevant to indoor branding, such as the aforementioned Beer Mats, Glassware, Tables, Digital, Promotional Items and Uniforms. These promotional merchandise play an important role to inspire employees to take more pride in their job, encouraging employee and customer satisfaction, therefore, creating brand loyalty.

Not only does indoor branding encourage employees, but it is also an opportunity to captivate your audience and catch attention. According to Brand ME Advertising, indoor branding will benefit your brand as it is cost effective while also being able to precisely narrow down your target audience to modify your brand message efficiently – giving you an overall competitive advantage.

Indoor branding brings customised opportunities where you can change up your branding goals effortlessly at a low price with guaranteed lasting impressions. Customers spend a lot of time at the bar or drinking pints – why not make the most of this and get your brand seen with Staff Uniforms and Bespoke branded POS.

3. The importance of outdoor branding

60% of consumers respond positively to outdoor advertising, therefore, bringing your brand outdoors through outdoor branding is important to enhance the consumer’s experience.

Outdoor branding in the hospitality industry boosts sales by providing maximum exposure of your brand –continuously exposing your target audience with your logo, creating brand familiarisation, higher conversion rates and therefore, more sales.

Outdoor hospitality branding on products such as parasol’s or pergolas, which are large and visible from far away, can influence a wider audience range due to their size. Consumers have no control over whether or not they see the outdoor branding at scale, which has a stronger effect and a longer impact on brand recognition.


Branding in hospitality industry is important to:

  1. Build trust with customers
  2. Give a competitive advantage
  3. Boost brand loyalty
  4. Add value to your brand

Branding through pergolas and marquees will utilise your spaces all year round and increase sale opportunities. Not only are our Emboss Hospitality pergolas made of 100% aluminium structures, but they also come with external and internal PVC fabric. They are the perfect way to create a comfortable indoor-outdoor space with their retractable roofing and optional extras such as heating, lighting, and music systems.

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